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We are experts with whom it is easy to work. Our priority is to provide our clients with fresh insights and practical bespoke solutions to effectively manage their human capital in a world that has changed.


Client testimonials

“We had the opportunity to work with Jakobsland Partners in a project concerning our manufacturing units and their convergence towards our corporate model of high-performance plant. Our experience has been really positive. Their professionals have a vast experience that is reflected in the agility with which they grasp the situations we explain and their flexibility to tailor their solutions to our requirements. Their ease of access and proximity to our priorities is very much appreciated.”

Jose I. Alonso, Mondelez

“I worked with Jakobsland Partners during the early stage of an integration project. They supported us tremendously with their ideal combination of understanding how an American company works and their expertise in Spanish employment practices and business culture. They helped us to understand better what we needed to do and how to achieve it during the integration and were very helpful in translating not only words from Spanish into English language and vice versa – but also helped in understanding the other side. In addition to that they are very flexible and were there whenever we needed them.”

Dietmar Bahr, Dresser-Rand

“I’ve worked on several occasions with Jakobsland because I value their flexibility and ability to understand the needs to cover. They are very experienced and innovative consultants, as well as honest in their approach.”

Natalia Arizcuren, Chiesi España

“In 2008 I hired Jakobsland Partners for an assessment of the management team from the perspective of their competence and fit for their positions, and also their ability to add value to the business from a more global view. The project was really enlightening to align the strategy of the company to the specificities of the people who had to put it into action. Based on the findings of Jakobsland we could redesign the Management Committee, making it leaner, while realigned management team functions according to the skills and capabilities of the assessed individuals, resulting in a significant improvement in both managers’ productivity and job satisfaction.”

Carlos Maduro, Tek Translation

“Working with Jakobsland Partners has always been a pleasure. They have succeeded in understanding our problems and needs to quickly become helpful partners, supporting us with good advice, but also being involved in implementing their proposals. We have never regarded them as external and we have enjoyed having them with us.”

David Ferran, Carl Zeiss Vision