We posses front-line executive experience in different industries, including, among others, technology, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, distribution, automotive, and leisure.

We know what implies managing from within major organizational transformation projects. We have learned from that experience that the success of such processes largely depends on how people are led and managed, and we know what this means both in large multinational corporations and in smaller family-owned companies.

We have lived a diversity of business situations like start up’s, geographic expansions, off-shoring, restructuring, international mergers & acquisitions, divestitures and company closures; and have working experience in a significant number of markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Our clients represent a variety of industries, including companies in the consumer goods, retail, technology, pharmaceutical, agrochemicals, power generation, and medical devices sectors:


In some of our interventions we work in partnership with a selection of specialized firms that provide us with scientifically validated methodologies and technological solutions: